CSAD it’s be a pleasure!

The art I create has always been inspired by the unseen and the easily missed objects and ideas in everyday life. Raising the question, what is more over looked then the power of our own brains. There are many different ideas on what it means to be conscious, and the topic has been creatively and scientifically explored throughout the world. Our minds are what allow us to react to the world around us, but how often do we think about our consciousness itself?
This body of work is based on the internal mapping of the mind. It has been created to display the idea that our consciousness is ever changing and has a fluidity which  allows us to constantly develop the way we think and how we understand the world around us.
It is this fluidity that I wished to capture as a physical representation of how I imagine the internal appearance of my own thoughts. This combined with scientific research based on the human relationship with the colour spectrum has allowed me to constructed ‘a window into consciousness’. I hope to allow the viewer to have a raw experience of my consciousness, and instill an emotional reaction and a sense of curiosity within the individual.




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