Final Piece Idea

For my final piece, I would like to create a painting that embodies all of the themes I have explored throughout my final year. The main focus will be a single painting I will create over four, 24”x 24” inch, canvas’, this will be surrounded by a frame and will be made to represent the traditional four-pane window. The colour scheme will be based on the chakra channels and psychological properties of colours. It will be painted with the same fluidity as my other paintings to represent the ever-changing movement of our consciousness and will be varnished to give it a subtle shine to emphasise it’s liquid-like movement. This will then have a graphic gold line overlayed to highlight that all four are continuous of each other, and to create a physical  barrier enforcing the window like quality of looking into the abyss of the conscious mind.

I will also include a smaller oval painting. This painted in the same style for the same reasons, however, created circular in form to represent the human eye. “The eyes are the window to the soul”. Both paintings have also partially been painted using food dye and other natural dyes, so that over time parts of the paintings will gradually change. This has been included as a way of displaying how our opinions can change as we gain more information and how over time our memories slowly fade.

Lastly, I will include my glass pieces as a more interactive demonstration to reiterate how our culture and society mold and change us as they’re panes of glass are layers painted using all the colours mentioned within the chakras but with a translucency to show how it changes and is affected by the surface it is set on – our surroundings can change and affect us but our core will remain reflective of who we are on the inside.




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