Elizabeth Jameson

Having seen Elizabeth’s work in Edinburgh’s centre for regenerative medicine, I thought it would be very relevant to my practice so I started to explore her other works.

Elizabeth Jameson website

A bit about her…

Elizabeth Jameson found her art when her own brain lost one of its most basic functions. After suddenly finding herself unable to speak, Jameson was diagnosed with MS in 1991. She soon came to know the geography of her own mind through countless MRI sessions. Jameson felt a hunger to step beyond her career as a lawyer and reinterpret this medical imagery, adding an artistic treatment to her brain scans in what has become a unique form of portraiture. Jameson writes that her MS inspires her “to create images that provide new insights into the brain and, at the same time, makes medical imaging and its representative humanity more accessible to both medical professionals and others who view these revealing pictures.” Most recently, the Harvard Center for Brain Science commissioned the installation of four of Jameson’s paintings.

Her art is focused on her own brain scans, from her MS diagnoses. What made them stand out to me was her use of vivid colours to explore such a dark disease. It has made me question the difference of how our bodies look so visually different from both the physical inside and outside, but also through the physical and mental states. I would like to explore this further in my own art, possibly investigating how are mental ‘inside’ can be represented through our physical ‘outside’. Possibly exploring how our backgrounds with society and culture affect how we present this ‘outside’.


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