Beginning to balance

Having looked at how ever changing my mind is.. I decided to play around with a new idea of how to display my work. Building blocks, jigsaws and jenga are all things that remind me of my childhood and old memories. Its how we begin developing our brains and motor skills.

Here I have dipped small pieces of wood into dye, to give them the same look as my paintings and played around with staking them.

This is quite clearly a very rough experiment of what it would be like to create a delicately balanced structure or if that is just asking for a disaster


This also gave me the idea to structure them and create patterns out of the chaos that is represented by the paintings on them.

I am very often completely irrational, but could it be said in that knowing you are being irrational is rational?

Hold this idea i would like to explore layering geometric shapes over the fluid paintings.




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