Art and the Conscious Mind

In second year I took a constellation course with Robert Pepperell and since then both his art word and the content of that course have inspired my work.

A link to my previous blog posts on art and the conscious mind:

Robert Pepperell’s art work.


“[He] investigates the nature of perceptual awareness through philosophical inquiry, scientific experimentation, and painting and drawing.


Pepperell’s paintings and drawings are the result of intensive experimentation in materials and methods designed to evoke a very specific, though elusive, state of mind. The works induce a disrupted perceptual condition in which what we see cannot be matched with what we know. Instead of a recognisable depiction the viewer is presented with — what the art historian Dario Gamboni has called — a ‘potential image’, that is, a complex multiplicity of possible images, none of which ever finally resolves.

More recent work attempts to capture the experience of looking at objects in the world using a new form of ‘natural perspective’ based on the structure of human vision. The aim is not simply to record what is in the world, but what is it like to visually experience the world.”

Section from his website (link below).


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